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Phone: 705-253-1700     Toll Free: 1-800-448-8097

Child, Youth, Family Services

Child and Family Support Workers (CFSW) coordinate and deliver a range of individualized services and supports to children and youth with an intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorder and their families across the District of Algoma.  The focus of this support is building on the child/youth and family's strengths to address their needs and meet their goals through planning and advocacy. Working as a team with families, the Child and Family Support Worker will: 

  • Assess strengths and needs of the child and family 
  • Provide early intervention and crisis prevention support to preserve family unity 
  • Support parents to enhance self advocacy goals 
  • Identify needed resources and services 
  • Act as liaison/link to services 
  • Evaluate current services and effectiveness 
  • Assist families to develop and implement individual plans 
  • Assist with transition planning for children and youth 
  • Work on interagency collaborations when appropriate for resource development and advocacy 
  • Provide accurate data for all funding sources when required on time and in a efficient manner 

Child and Family Support Workers are located in Wawa, Sault Ste. Marie and Elliot Lake. 

Child and Family Transition Supports provide support to children and youth with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families in the same way as a Child and Family Support Worker with a focus on the transition from elementary to secondary school programs. The Child and Family Transition Support Worker will support families in accessing Community Living Algoma and the broader community based on the child, youth and family’s needs and goals. Assistance is provided to families with skill development, planning and advocacy. Child and Family Transition Supports are offered in Sault Ste. Marie and throughout the District of Algoma. 

Respite is flexible funding based on the person and family's needs. The funding can be used for in home or out of home supports. Families are able to choose their own service provider to support their son or daughter as long as that person has a clear Criminal Records check including a Vulnerable Sector Screen. Respite funding is available throughout the District of Algoma

Community Outreach staff supports are provided to families to maintain the child within their family home. This support varies depending on the needs of the child and their family; it is directed by the family. Community partners are engaged and funding is secured through the case resolution process. Presently this model is offered in Sault Ste. Marie but could be offered in the District of Algoma. 

Children’s Community Care Program provides supports to children and youth with intellectual disabilities and their families, across the District of Algoma. Currently Community Living Algoma is reviewing services in this area as our priority statement focuses on family preservation. No children are presently being supported through this program. 

Planning with People and/or Family Members Adults and children and/or their family member(s) can contact the main office at (705) 253-1700 to arrange for a planning facilitator. The facilitator will work with everyone involved to develop a plan that identifies how the person/family wishes to be supported. This service is available in Sault Ste. Marie and throughout the District of Algoma. Facilitators are trained in person centered planning and have access to a variety of resources they can use to have conversations about a person’s strengths, their dreams and what they need help with. This information is written as a plan with specific goals identified. This information is used as guide to assist the person in achieving the things that were identified as important and to help the person achieve their full potential.