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Board Committees



Planning Development & Advocacy Committee

The Planning Development and Advocacy Committee (PD&A) is a standing committee of the Board of Community Living Algoma. This committee's purpose is to attempt to ensure that supports and services for a person with an intellectual disability offered by the Association and the community are pertinent and responsive to the individual's needs and are consistent with the principles of normalization and inclusion.
Planning Development and Advocacy meets on a monthly basis for approximately two hours.

Education Committee


The Education Committee has representation from the board, various educational institutions, parents, teachers, and other community people from across the district. Based on a commitment to educational inclusion, this Committee promotes CLA’s goal "that individuals go with their neighbourhood friends to their neighbourhood schools". The committee ensures inclusive and appropriate educational opportunities are available for students with intellectual disabilities throughout Algoma.



Finance Committee


CLA’s Finance Committee guides financial matters of the organization and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding such matters. With representation from the board and community people, this committee also has a sub-committee that steers fund-raising for the Association.

The "Fund-raising Team" addresses plans to raise funds. Fund-raising activities are very important, since CLA must augment decreasing government dollars with money raised in the community, in order to protect services and supports to individuals.



Human Resources & French Language Services Committee


The Human Resources & French Language Services Committee, comprised of board members and community individuals interested in the human resource area, make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding labour relations and other employment matters.

Since CLA has been designated by the government as a partial bilingual service provider, this Committee also ensures that bilingual human resource needs are identified and met on an on-going basis.






Quality Enhancement Committee (formerly Review & Monitoring Committee)


The Quality Enhancement Committee has the task of ensuring that services and supports offered by Community Living Algoma are in keeping with the Vision, and work towards the goals and priorities of the Association. Program specific goals and objectives are also measured against these criteria.

The Quality Enhancement Committee plans annually for services and supports that will be reviewed, establishes the Committees to conduct the review, receives the report and recommendations from the Committees, and presents them to the Board of Directors with their recommendation for action.

Reviews of services and supports are conducted by the use of "Outcome Based Performance Measures". This assessment tool measures outcomes for people, based on what they want from services and supports. Responsiveness to individual needs and choices are emphasized.

The Quality Enhancement Committee has also been charged with monitoring the impact on individuals receiving services and supports, of a reduction in government funding.