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Join the Journey, All People Belong

The following points provide additional perspective and understanding of the key themes within the Vision.

JOIN - This term represents togetherness, working together, joining in and the collective sense of responsibility and opportunity that all the stakeholders have in supporting people with intellectual disabilities. The community, parents, staff, other service providers and the people supported all join together in this purpose and vision.

ALL PEOPLE BELONG - This statement reflects a Vision that all people in a community belong to that community, are accepted, have the capacity to contribute and are full citizens. A healthy community is one that allows all of its members to belong, to participate and be full members.

THE JOURNEY - The road to achieving inclusion and the suppports needed by those with intellectual disabilities is a journey. That is, the coming together of many different individuals and resources on a path that leads to inclusion, accepts diversity and is supportive. The journey started when many parents came together to support their children with intellectual disabilities, and continues today towards reaching the key goals and outcomes of the people supported.


Principles and Values


We believe...

Respect and Dignity
In respecting each person's individuality, dignity, right to privacy and to make independent choices.

In developing trust as the foundation for all relationships.

Honesty and Integrity
In being honest in all of our relationships and acting with integrity in all that we do.

Unity and Working Together
In the importance of being collaborative with all our stakeholders and working together to achieve the very best for each person supported.

Community Inclusions
In actively contributing each day to the building of inclusive communities that are accepting of all their members.

In being accountable for the quality of our programs, acting professionally and caring about all of those that we support and work with.

In being passionately committed to supporting people to achieve inclusion, personal dignity and full citizenship.