Goals and Priority Statement

These statements identify the priority and associated goal.

Goal #1
"That all children are nurtured within a family environment and, as a consequence, enjoy the benefits of family life."

Goal #2
"That people can choose to go with their neighbourhood friends to their neighbourhood schools, or other schools, where they can further their growth and development."

Goal #3
"That people have the opportunity to participate in a full range of social relationships of their choice."

Goal #4
"That, throughout their lives, people can access and participate in leisure and cultural activities."

Goal #5
"That, as they grow, people can aspire to and have typical expectations of worthwhile career options."

Goal #6
"That people have access in adulthood to decent and appropriate homes which they are able to call their own."

Goal #7
"That people have the right to make informed choices about their lives."

Goal #8
"That people can retire to enjoy the lifestyle and activities of their choice."

Goal #9
"Community Living Algoma believes be accountable to the people supported, the community, for the achievement of the outcomes identified by the people supported."

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