Bill of Rights

Respect my ability to make my own choices and decisions. We can disagree but be nice about it. Say sorry when you are wrong.

To be the person I am and choose to be.
To know and understand my rights and options and have my choices respected.

To Be Heard
To speak for myself and be heard.
To get the help I need to communicate.

To decide what privacy means to me.

Locks on my door
My own keys
Reading my own mail or having it read
Knock on my door
My own space to be alone
Not touching my things unless I say it is ok
To use the phone in private
Right to sexual intimacy

Choosing Supports
To choose when and how I am supported and who supports me.

To choose where I live, who lives with me and who visits my home.

To spend time with whom I want.

To explore and choose what type of job works best for me.

To be in control of my money and to decide how I spend it.

Free Time
To choose what I want to do with my free time.

My Information
To know and decide what personal information is kept and who sees it.

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