CLA 70th Anniversary

CLA 70th Celebration

Welcome to Community Living Algoma's 70th Celebration

As we enter April and we move into the coming months in 2024, we're excited to share the special celebrations ahead. This month marks a significant milestone in our journey as we commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Community Living Algoma.

Throughout April and the coming months, we have a lineup of engaging events and activities we share to honour our rich history, celebrate our achievements, and look forward to the future. From in-person to virtual gatherings and storytelling sessions to interactive workshops and community outreach initiatives, there will be something for everyone to participate in and enjoy.

This month isn't just about looking back at how far we've come; it's also about embracing the present moment and envisioning the possibilities that lie ahead.

 Together, let's make this a time of connection, reflection, and celebration as we come together to honor the legacy of Community Living Algoma.

Stay tuned for updates on all the exciting events happening throughout the year. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any ideas or suggestions to make this anniversary celebration memorable.

Here's to the coming month filled with joy, camaraderie, and meaningful moments as we celebrate 70 years of making a difference in the lives of those we support.

See you there!

The 70th Planning Committee

An Anniversary Message from John Policicchio, Executive Director, CLA:

An Anniversary Message from John Policicchio, Executive Director, CLA:

Celebrating a 70-year milestone is an opportunity to reflect on the past, appreciate the present and build towards the future. It is about generations of milestones, growth and raised awareness. What makes our 70 years extraordinary is that while approaches and directives may have changed, it has consistently been about the children, youth and adults. Even before that, it is about the families who have entrusted us to support their loved ones by providing meaning, purpose and joy.  

It has been an evolution of change: from programs to individualized supports; from workshops and day programs to community-based supports; from group homes to everyday places to live; and, from behaviour treatment to person-centred and positive approaches.

The first 70 years have been about community. My wish for the next 70 years is about social justice and citizenship, for all people.

Congratulations to our Community Living Algoma management, staff and volunteers for your role in this journey. Our thanks to our Algoma communities for demonstrating cohesion, inclusion and opportunities of experience. Most importantly, our appreciation to every person we have supported for providing us with the opportunity to share in your successes, challenges and empowerment.

Let us continue to grow a future of connections, relationships, contributions, and a sense of belonging for everyone who shares their life with us.

Thank you to the 70th Anniversary Planning Committee for their collective efforts in bringing meaning to the many ways that we’ll celebrate and mark our history. I extend my invitation, to all, to join with us.

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