What We Do

At Community Living Algoma, we work together. We believe in a person-centred care and planning. Our organizational leaders and direct support workers bring a wealth of education and experience in the developmental and social services fields. We also rely on the input and feedback of the people supported and their family and friends. We also have a Council, represented by people supported, in the Algoma District, who are strong advocates and are our sounding-board. We rely on their direction in ensuring we’re meeting needs. We also have representation on our Board of Directors – either people with developmentally delayed diagnosis or people who have diagnosed family members. 

At CLA, we work one-on-one with every person we support in order to learn, from them, what goals, interests and aspirations they have for their own lives. These conversations and interviews provide us with the information we need to shape our thinking and approaches. We need this information so that we can provide the supports, and encouragement, for people to live their best lives.

CLA has access to a wealth of specialists who consult, guide and recommend plans of care. At CLA, our approaches are not formula-driven but guided through philosophies and practices of professionals with expertise in specific areas. 

Let us introduce you to our influencers who provide us with the philosophical, practical and applied guidance for positive outcomes. Support starts with staff. In order to bring our best selves forward, we need to know how to conduct evaluations, how to assess capabilities, identify tools and resources and keep it real. 


Our Influencers and Guides

Dr. Al Condeluci, Ph.D. in Education, Masters in Social Work, B.A. Psychology

Al is currently at the helm of CLA’s Community Engagement Project – an initiative with a goal of community engagement at a level where all people belong. He is associated with the Univeristy of Piittsurgh’s School of Social Work and School of Health and Rehabilitation Science. He is also an international consultant on human services and community issues.  (alcondeluci.com)


David Chalmers, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed, MIRHR, MACPCT, LL.M, QMED, Ph.D (ABD)

Professor of business, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University and Managing Partner, Nexus Human Capital, Industrial Organizational Psychology (dchalmers@nexushamncapital.com). 

Since 2018, our CLA Leadership Team have received training in Enhancing Your Leadership Capacity and Collaborative Performance Management. Some of the areas of focus have included: leadership styles, building and maintaining effective teams, conflict management, emotional intelligence, goals, personal mission statements.


Bruce Anderson, Coach - www.Coregift.org

This program provides education, training and coaching to CLA staff so that they can identify their gifts (strengths) and use them to effectively and efficiently support others in their journey. Since 2018, Bruce has been contributing to the creation of a work environment where staff have a clearer sense of purpose and well-being in their decision-making processes. 


David Pitonyak  Consultant - Imagine (www.dimagine.com)

David’s consulting practice has greatly assisted CLA staff with understanding, and practicing, supports for people with developmental disabilities who have ‘difficult behaviours.’ His work, philosophy and tools have helped to shape our thinking when supporting people, with challenges, to still live their best life. His practice assists our staff in understanding how to provide support in the areas of meaningful relationships; power and choice,  value and self-worth; and safety and well-being. David’s practice also focuses on how the needs can be met for family or caregivers of people with developmental disabilities. His publications are an on-going resource to our staff, as well. 


Helen Sanderson and Associates (http://helensandersonassociates.co.uk)

CLA utilizes several of their planning tools to ensure we continuously work in a person-directed organization. These tools are used in the planning with people supported and in our own organization’s daily operations, such as team meetings. 


Council on Quality and Leadership


The Council on Quality and Leadership works to improve the quality of life for people with intellectual, developmental, and psychiatric disabilities. The CQL provides CLA staff with the Personal Outcomes Measures Tool. This is a stepping store for person-directed planning. It measures the quality of life from that person’s perspective and what they want in their life. It also measures the quality of services and what supports are in place to facilitate the outcome. CLA has an in-house, CQL-certified trainer to conduct the Personal Outcome Measures Workshop. This workshop helps staff to learn how to achieve more in-depth outcomes. It also enables us to use data to make organizational changes based on feedback from the people we support. 

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