The Council of Community Living Algoma - Goals 2020-2021

  1. Orientation with new hires
  1. Training with all CLA employees
  1. Train the Trainor model for i.e. abuse/rights/covid-19
  1. Shadow fellow advocacy leaders to learn from them and ask questions to help us develop a training plan.
  1. Community Living Day at the Legislature
  1. Engagement process
  1. Introduce who we are and area we represent
  2. Introduce roles and responsibilities of the Council and our goals
  3. “What do you want the Council to focus on for the next year”
  1. Recruit 2 more council members (one from East Algoma, one from Sault Ste. Marie)
  1. Participating in the hiring and interview process
  1. Using technology to be a part of the interview so we don’t have to always be physically present
  1. >Update information pamphlets in plain language
  1. Abuse
  2. Rights
  3. Medication and Ask the Doctor Checklist
  4. Complaints
  5. Council information
  6. Voting  
  7. Covid19 – how to keep safe and use personal protective equipment
  1. Powerpoint on Abuse
  1. Develop powerpoint
  2. Share powerpoint with CLA’s committee’s and Board of Directors
  3. Talk about and present our powerpoint with new hires at orientation and training of employees

**Updated July 10th, 2020**


Need to file a complaint?

 You can find out how to make a complaint by going to our Contact link on this website or call 705-253-1700,

and select 8, to file a complaint or dial 1-800-537-1854 or 705-998-2484

Did you know....?

The Algoma Community Living Council are a group of  concerned individuals who speak out for change, advocating for others and ourselves within CLA and the community of Algoma. You can learn more about us by clicking on this link or emailing us at You can also see Council members by clicking on the tab "Who We Are" and then clicking on "Council." 

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