Community Living Algoma - Annual General Meeting  2021-2022

After two years of virtual meetings, Community Living Algoma was able to host an in-person Annual General Meeting for 2021-2022, on June 234, 2022, to celebrate enhanced business partnerships, an outstanding volunteer and a young champion who is paving the path to inclusion.

Held with the theme “Let Today Be the Start of Something New,” it was an opportunity for the organization to showcase the many positive achievements over the past year. It was a celebration of the many people supported who have moved, this past year, into community-based housing of their choice where they live independently with supports in place, as required. It was also a celebration of the action by businesses and people outside of the organization contributing towards ensured continuation of their Mission, Vision and Values.


Champion of Inclusion Award 

This award was created to recognize, celebrate and highlight those who live, breathe and facilitate inclusion. They may be active in the inclusion movement but, more importantly, their behaviour and the choices they make always reflect appositive attitude about the worth, value and ability of all people.

The Champion of Inclusion Award was presented to Oliver Smith, a grade five student at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, in Elliot Lake. Oliver was the recipient of an award, this past spring, in CLA’s “Together We’re Better” contest.  The annual contest recognizes how inclusion is happening in schools in the District of Algoma and Oliver was nominated by a member of his support team for his successful efforts in launching a Games Club for students in grade three to five. His commitment has created a place where students could interact and engage with peers in a fun, inclusive environment.  

Volunteer of the Year Award

Community Living Algoma is pleased to honour volunteers who are making a positive difference for people with intellectual disabilities. The personal commitment made by volunteers across the District of Algoma is significant. Whether it is volunteering their time, efforts, knowledge of resources volunteers are making valuable contributions.

The Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Deborah Chadwick, who is a four-year member of the Council for Community Living Algoma. Deborah was recognized for her strong commitment to Community Living Algoma’s Mission, Vision and Values. In addition, her passion to advocate for others with an intellectual disability to have a voice and to reach their full potential was also highlighted. Deborah’s positivity and determination helps us all remember why we are here and why we must continue to make changes to enrich quality of life for all people.


Community Partner Award - BDI Holdings Ltd.

This award is presented annually to honour Community Partners who are making a positive difference for people with intellectual disabilities. The commitment made by these partners across the District of Algoma is significant. This award is being given to an organization that builds and contributes to a culture of inclusion, a community of acceptance and respect for all people.

Community Partner Awards’ recipients included: BDI Holdings Ltd. and Algoma Public Health. These recipients are organizations who build and contribute to a culture of inclusion, a community of acceptance and respect for all people.

The partnership between CLA and BDI started with a housing development of a semidetached home on Wellington St. From this success, it moved towards units leased at St Theresa’s Villa on Ruth Street and, most recently, three units within the St. Ann’s Villa on White Oak Drive. This collaboration enabled both CLA and BDI to learn more on how they can customize accommodations depending on the needs of each person supported. This partnership also enabled CLA to have a hands-on involvement, literally from the ground up, in everything from developing drawings for design, accessibility, selecting paint colours and fixtures. The continued trust of this partnership has further extended to BDI being responsive landlords in ensuring properties are safe and well- maintained.

BDI Holdings staff:  Shawn Spurr, Frank D’Addetta, Brandon Stubbs and Isaiah Bressan


Community Partner Award - Algoma Public Health

Algoma Public Health (APH) was nominated for their responsiveness, directives and guidance to Community Living Algoma in navigating COVID-19 – for both the health and safety of people supported as well as employees. APH held an instrumental role in assisting CLA through various protocols and changes in directives that, in early days, were happening several times a day. From answering questions, to assisting with updating the organization’s screening processes, to walking alongside CLA in outbreak situations, APH provided a steady support that has played an integral part of CLA’s overall pandemic planning.

APH staff: Sara MacInnis; Kimberley Lever, Nicole Lindahl, Kaylin Dacosta-Deschamps, Alexis Mezzomo, Adam King and Susan Sutherland


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