Employment Services


Meet the Job Coaches and Summer Students who participated in our 2022 Summer Youth Employment Program! 


Each Friday, from June to August, we featured a Spotlight profile on a summer team on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  

Looking for work?

If you are reliable and punctual, have a developmental disability, and are looking for a job, we are here to help you. CLA provides employment support, to youth and adults, including pre-employment training and onsite coaching by an employment advisor.

Looking to hire?

If you’re a business seeking employees, let us assist with providing you with a list of candidates with specific skill sets to meet your needs. We’ll make sure the person you hire has received training specific skills; we’ll work alongside the employee to develop any additional skills required and we’ll ensure they’re maintaining safe work habits and are professional. In return, you’ll be hiring an excellent worker who usually stays long term; a dependable worker and a conscientious and safe worker.


Rocco Martone, Employment Advisor at 705-255-8716 or Rocco_Martone@cla-algoma.org

Dave Mornix, Employment Advisor at 705-943-2990 or Dave_Mornix@cla-algoma.org

Sergio Iacoe, Manager - Inclusion, Employment, Education at 705-253-1700 ext. 3005 or Sergio_Iacoe@cla-algoma.org



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