Get Involved

The social distancing protocols associated with COVID-19 have temporarily put our volunteer opportunities on hold. When restrictions lift, however, we are looking forward to engaging with our volunteers and discovering how you can make a difference. 

Get Involved

Your investment in CLA – whether it is volunteer hours, a donation or membership – is like a thank you for our collective past efforts and a vote of confidence in CLA’s continued goal to make the lives of the people we support, their BEST lives. 

Giving back

Did you know that when you volunteer** at CLA, you’re making a difference in a minimum of two people’s lives – yours and the person supported!  

Volunteering also shows that you’re vested in a community that embraces inclusiveness.

Volunteering is the selfless donation of your own time to support, encourage and empower. It is about bringing joy into another person’s life. Come on out and help us set up a fundraising event or provide one-one-one time at the park, a hockey game or while making crafts. Volunteering also making a difference in your own life by building relationships, learning new skills, and experiencing the rewards that come with knowing you’re making a difference. 

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention."
- Oscar Wilde


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